We breed happy puppies

We are Roy and Jennifer Childs and will live with our sons, Tyson and Jake in a small farming community located in the Pontiac Region of Quebec. 

Together we share a lifelong love of dogs.  Throughout the years we have owned and loved many dogs, but are most fond of Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Australian Sheppards.  Jennifer has had great success in producing a number of litters of  first class dogs for sale across Canada and the US. 

Jennifer believes that the health and soundness of the dog always comes first.   Socializing puppies and young dogs is very important to us.  We think that the best dogs are ones with sound and even temperament!  

I adopted a Corgi from Jennifer at Spurlane two years ago.  She made it a seamless experience from learning about the dog online and through conversation to delivery to my home in Pensylvania.    - Lisa Thomas